Backing up your Digital Memories Matter. Just ask Flood Survivors in Calgary, Alberta.


I agree with Dan Misener. He wrote this excellent article on why backing up your digital memories matters. Here is an excerpt:

Backups matter. From precious family photos to your most important digital documents, it's important to have reliable backups of your digital life.

The flooding in Southern Alberta has been a good reminder of that. We don't yet know the full extent of the damage, but in addition to the lives, homes, and physical possessions that have been lost, the floods will undoubtedly have claimed a good number of digital possessions, too.

If you haven't experienced catastrophic data loss yourself, you probably know someone who has. Flooding and fire aren't the only worries. CDs and DVDs that you burn things like your documents and photos onto degrade over time. Laptops get dropped or stolen. Hard drives die.

A few years ago, my friends' hard drive gave up the ghost, taking with it every photo from the first six months of their newborn twins' lives. No backup. Heartbreaking.

Yes, backups matter. But the problem is, backups aren't sexy. Effective backups take time and money to set up. Some people don't bother. Or they don't back things up as regularly and rigorously as they should.

But good backups are worth the bother, especially since so many of the things we care about these days exist in digital form.

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